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Piersson is a consulting firm that provides strategic solutions and innovations for companies and individuals. We also offer customer-centered learning sessions to assist organizations in delivering results through effective communication and evidence-based decision making.

Meet the Team

Ramon Manuel Nisperos, MBA

RM is a faculty and lecturer at the UP Open University for public fiscal administration and entrepreneurial development. He helped design various modules and digital courses for the Faculty of Management and Development Studies. His specialization includes business management and administration, module and course development, data science, and development of learning management systems.

He also serves as the business and marketing head of a national financial institution in the country. He finished his MBA at the Virata School of Business, University of the Philippines Diliman.

Don Christian Mariano

Don is a Knowledge Management Specialist with more than 10 years of experience in project management and development.

He served as the M&E specialist for USAID’s Philippine-American (Phil-Am) Fund Project, managing monitoring, evaluation, reporting, accountability, and learning for more than 35 grants nationwide.

Mr. Mariano is currently the Deputy Director of the Gerry Roxas Foundation and the Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant of the Consuelo Foundation.

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